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Security Enhancements Made to OM Plus Print Spooler

OM Plus Output Management logoChanges to streamline the administration of the OM Plus DM security system are being deployed. The purpose is to centralise security settings in systems with multiple OM Plus servers. With this new feature the OM Plus security permissions are created one time and pushed out to all the appropriate OM Plus servers. This saves time and diminishes the potential for human errors when replicating.

Plus Technologies Data Collector Seen as Superior

OM Plus Fleet Manager logoPlus Technologies offers Managed Print Services (MPS) providers a robust tool to manage printer fleets called OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM). The quality of a fleet management tool is dependent upon the quality of the data collected from the printers themselves. That is why Plus Technologies has invested significant development effort in making our data collector (called the DDC) a superior product.

Print pooling is inferior to printer load balancing

Printer pooling is a standard feature found in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Printer pooling allows several printers to share a print driver and appear as one printer.When an end user places a print job in the queue, the first available printer in the pool will take the job. The downside is documents are unevenly distributed to printers in the pool since the first available printer can continue accepting print jobs. 

Enhance SAP Output and Print Management with OM Plus

OM Plus SAP logoOM Plus Delivery Manager ingests and manages the delivery of print jobs from one or more SAP servers and non-SAP systems. OM Plus can track and report the status of each SAP print job back to the SAP user’s interface. OM Plus includes a robust set of print delivery tools, providing flexible enterprise level control management and visibility.

RTI is coming! Is your data ready?

 HMRC are passing on lots of information about upcoming Real Time Information. Here's some useful parts for you :


Improving data quality is important preparation for a successful transition to RTI. Over 80% of data quality problems are caused by holding incorrect information about a persons Name, Date of Birth or National Insurance Number.