UK Payroll Software and Print Management Software

About Us

csmascent logocsmascent are in the business of developing and supporting our UK Payroll Application

With sophisticated features and ease of use our payroll application offers you tremendous return on investment.  Built with and for standard Microsoft platforms, it easily fits with your existing infrastructure. 

Versions running on Access and SQL Server offer a flexibility for sizing the product to fit the number of employees you have,  maximising your return on investment without losing functionality.

With an established user-base spread across the UK, a product history extending more than fifteen years, and completely-focussed customer support, it's easy to see why we're considered such a great company to do business with.

We also support and implement specialist print and output management solutions based around the Plus Technologies product set.

Our print and output management solutions provide full control of your printing requirements, with end-to-end confirmation, automatic re-routing in the case of printer failure, reduced help desk activity and context sensitive delivery.  You can reduce the time spent by your IT help desk by as much as 40% by implementing OM Plus with its user friendly management screen.

All part of our customer support core values - a service we're proud of.