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csmascent UK Payroll Software NINO Verification Request

NINO Validation Request - NVR

NVR will be used whenever a NI number needs to be obtained or checked

  • If all other means of obtaining the employees NI Number fail, then the NVR is to be used
  • Can be used to confirm NINO provided is correct or trace an NINO
  • Name, date of birth, address and current gender are required for this
  • Can only be submitted once FPS has been sent
  • NVR generated automatically for any employees on FPS that do not have a NINO
  • Confirmation sent back via NVREP

Note that the response to the NVR will be sent back to you in the same way you receive details of tax code changes etc.  if you are unsure of this please see the HMRC website Using PAYE Online for employers

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