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csmascent UK Payroll Software RTI Full Payment Submission

Real Time Information (RTI) Full Payment Submission - FPS

FPS is the main RTI submission.

  • Consists of payments and deductions for employees paid or left in the pay period
  • Must be sent at the time of, or before the payment is made to the employee
  • Must be sent for each pay period processed
  • HMRC will use transmission to update employees NI, Student Loan and PAYE records
  • Tells HMRC the monthly/quarterly tax and NIC liability it can expect to receive
  • Addresses need only be input for new starters or where there is no NI number for an employee
  • Employees changing address must notify HMRC by e-form on the HMRC web site
  • If send payments via BACS an extra field is to be included on the BACs file as a hash value to link the RTI to the payment
  • Will replace the submission of P45/P46 and year end P14.  Once you have sent your Employer Alignment Submission, you will no longer be able to send P45/P46 and year end P14 directly by the Goverment Gateway.  The FPS transmission will do this directly from csmascent UK payroll.  The  Government Gateway will not provide the facility for entering RTI data directly.

You can see the data that will be sent here

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