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Important! Backup your Payroll Data

Backing up of your valuable payroll data is just as important as printing the payslips, performing the calculations and doing the BACS extract. In order to help you with this, below are a few tips on setting up your backup strategy.

Important! Backup your Payroll Data

Always take a backup before any major procedure, such as Period End, Year End etc. We would recommend that you take a backup last thing in the afternoon before you run Period End the next morning, that way if Period End has problems or you have problems in Maintenance or Input, you can restore to a position where you can restart your current period, losing a minimum of your time and effort.

You should also take a backup after Period End has been successfully run. This should be an additional backup DO NOT overwrite your previous evening's backup, or your pre-period end backup.

We recommend that backups be taken on at least a Grandfather, Father, Son basis, if not more often. This means that you have a least three different copies, Grandfather - the oldest, Father - an intermediate and Son - the latest.

If you run a weekly payroll, why not create a backup strategy to have five copies - one for each day of the week? For extremely busy and time critical days, you may also want to take an extra copy at lunchtime. The further you have to go back - the more work you will have to re-do. You can also do an extra weekly copy on say a two-month rotation (8 weeks copies). Set your backup cycle to your processing cycle always make sure that you can at least go back to the end of the last successfully completed processing cycle.

Your backups should be stored on removable media as well as hard disc. The removable media should be kept off site or at least in a fire resistant safe. If you only store it on hard disc and the hard disc fails, how are you going to reconstruct your valuable payroll data?

You must also have a restore and backup verify procedure in place to ensure backups have actually copied correctly. It has been known (and will be again no doubt) that someone has tried to restore a backup only to find that the backup process wasn't successful.


We know that taking backups can be irritating, especially when you are in a hurry to complete the payroll on time, which is especially true of weekly payrolls, but it is well worth the time; after all would you rather spend 5 minutes making sure your data is safe, or the whole day re-doing the work? Remember Murphy's Law - if it can happen it will happen - make sure when it does happen to you, you can recover in the shortest amount of time and still meet your deadlines.

We can help you set up a successful backup and restore regime to protect that valuable time-critical payroll data. For a small investment you can have the insurance that you need in a time of crisis. Contact csmascent Support or your Account Manager to discuss this further.