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NRG Report Writer Customer Testimonial

City of Bath College

City of Bath College has used csmascent Payroll Software since 2000; recently we invested in the NRG Report Writer tool to enhance our ability to have access to up-to-the-minute payroll costs.

I have now used this NRG Report system over the past month with complete confidence and I would be very surprised if there is a better system on the market. NRG software has eliminated any stress element that no doubt would be present if I did not have the availability of NRG, the speed of the report tool makes it possible for me to have reports readily available on request. NRG allows you to write reports which can be tailored to your organisation's needs, I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial NRG has been to me.

I am delighted with the NRG report system. It is particularly useful to me as we are a Public Sector organisation and we employ some 500 people at any one given time, many of whom are on a part-time basis. Having the tools available to extract pay costs for each of our 69 sub-departments enables Managers to track their budget on a daily basis which assists in eliminating over-spending of budgets.

We also have a report set up which we use to search for employees past and present and track employee absences, the report tool being so efficient and quick that I now have more time to tackle other tasks. This comprehensive NRG report tool will aid all professionals, and is suitable for organisations who want to manage their own payroll in an in-house payroll department in a cost effective way.

CSM meets every need and on the rare occasions I have needed to contact the support team with a query, they have been extremely helpful. CSM readily assist in all aspects of the implementation and training on the report tool offering continuous support for additional complex reports I wish to write and provide ideas for improvements and are open to my suggestions.

Irene Nicholls - Payroll Manager Nov 2006.