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OM Plus i-Sat Software (i-Sat)

OM Plus i-Sat is a cloud based printing solution for large corporate data-centers with remote locations, such as satellite offices, retail outlets, labs, or clinics. In these scenarios, there can be security concerns caused by satellite locations using VPN tunnels to access systems inside corporate firewalls. In addition, personnel at satellite locations often do not have the time, resources or technical know-how to support local printing systems.  
It is for these reasons that Plus Technologies developed the internet cloud based i-Sat print solution. i-Sat is a product that can be deployed as a software program or a self-contained hardware appliance. i-Sat requires no expertise at the satellite location and is plug-and-play ready. The end user merely plugs the device into the wall and it performs all its tasks by itself. i-Sat connects through the internet to an OM Plus host at the data center where it requests configuration information and configures itself. Once configured, i-Sat will regularly connect to the OM Plus host at the data-center to 'pull' all available print jobs down that are destined for the satellite location. No VPN connection to the data-center is required and all local printing at the satellite location is managed by i-Sat. Administrators at the host location can obtain print activity (statistics, metrics), as well as gain access to trouble shooting tools and recovery capabilities without having to be onsite at the satellite location.  
Health care organisations that support clinics and affiliates with the core EMR applications, such as Epic are good candidates for the i-Sat solution. I-Sat streamlines operations and is a significant cost savings and unlike traditional VPN connections, OM Plus i-Sat provides secure communications to both the remote satellite location, as well as the corporate data center without being part of the data center network.
New i-Sat demo allows printing of live documents at your place.
OM Plus i-Sat

The OM Plus software suite includes:

  • OM Plus DM: for print spooling related solutions
  • OM Plus MPD: for pull print and mobile print solutions
  • OM Plus i-Sat: for secure cloud based print delivery
  • OM Plus Stats: for user and device based print and copy, scan statistics
  • OM Plus FM: for fleet management, toner replenishment, printer assessments, and managed print services
Plus Technologies® currently has thousands of satisfied customers using their output management software and solutions in more than 30 countries all around the world. Their client roster includes a number of highly successful Fortune 500 companies that rely on the products on a daily basis. csmascent limited have been a Plus Technologies partner since 1994 for the UK and Ireland.

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