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Output Management from Plus Technologies

OM Plus™ from Plus Technologies

As UK distributor we provide OM Plus from Plus Technologies® for Advanced Print Spooling, Output and Print Management and Document Delivery

This output management software provides advanced print spooling and document delivery, document workflow, document viewing, web-based report management/archiving and much more, fulfilling all your Output and Printer Management needs.

Using this software we solve output and printer management and administration problems associated with control of printers and print jobs, the delivery of print jobs and significantly improve help desk operations. This Output management software confirms the delivery of a document, reads print stream data to add advanced delivery options to the job, electronically bursts, bundles and collates print jobs, provides print queue management, and a wide variety of other advanced document delivery and printer management functions.

The output management software is installed for advanced print spooling, print management and document delivery software and delivered related services to over 2,500 customers, many are in the Fortune 500, in more than 35 countries around the world.

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The OM Plus product suite has an impressive list of optional modules and add-ons to extend its functionality.

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