UK Payroll Software and Print Management Software

UK Payroll Software and Print And Output Management Software Solutions

UK Payroll Software and Print Management Software

Maximise the potential of your UK Payroll and HR departments by working in partnership with csmascent and accessing our 30 years of practical experience of producing top class  UK payroll software systems and implementing top class print and output management solutions. 

We are here to help you run a smooth and efficient UK payroll and HR service for your company.

You can quickly and confidently reduce your processing costs by partnering with us to implement our UK Payroll software and HR solutions and fulfill your needs with a minimum of pain and upheaval.

See a list of just a few users of csmascent UK payroll software and read what one of those users has to say about out product and our service.

Report Writer

A perfect complement to your csmascent UK Payroll software System is the NRG Report Writer. Create your own reports quickly and easily, get the data you need, in the order you want it, in the way you want it : Print, Screen, Excel. Don't just take our word for it ; see a customer's opinion.


The Support Service page gives details our help-line support process. To see some Frequently Asked Questions, see our csmascent UK Payroll Software FAQ. Alternatively you can get in touch using our Contact Form.

Pressure Sealers

We can also recommend a range of Pressure Sealers to enhance your UK Payroll Software operation.